Bruges on foot

The most authentic way to explore the city is surely on foot. Let your feelings lead you along the most beautiful buildings and discover the hidden treasures of Bruges. Stroll through the small streets and don't forget to look up regularly, because Bruges' facades are full of hidden surprises and treasures.

You can follow a guided walking tour, follow one of the planned walks, or just follow your instincts and wander through the city.

Guided tours

  • Tourist Run Bruges
    Join a local and discover Bruges while jogging

  • Bruges Beer Walk
    Discover the charming city centre in a three-hour tour. Learn to taste beer with a guide who will show you the hidden cafés and forgotten breweries. The price includes five tastings.
    As a souvenir, you will receive an official BeerWalk tasting glass to take home. If desired, anyone can replace the beer with coffee or a soft drink of their choice and still enjoy all the fascinating stories and beautiful sights of Bruges.

  • Photo Tour
    Join a local photographer on this unique city tour/workshop. This is one of the top-rated tours in Bruges and will offer you the opportunity to take the best photos of your trip - regardless of your skills or camera.

  • Legends of Bruges
    This is a free tour and the best-rated in Bruges. You'll follow a guide in small groups and learn all about Bruges' love stories, stories about war and glory...

  • Bruges by Night
    Another free tour organised by Legends Tours. This one shows you Bruges by night, accompanied by legends, myths and gost stories. The tour is sealed with a free beer.

Non-guided tours

If you prefer to walk around the city at your own pace, you can check out one of these walks created by the city of Bruges.