Bruges by bike

Do you prefer to discover the city in a more active way? Then you can explore the city by bike! You can hire a bike (or take your own) and explore independently or you can go on a guided bike tour. There are a lot of options if you take a bike. Not only can you explore the city centre of Bruges, but you can also follow cycling routes outside of the centre! You can discover Bruges’ greenery, little villages around Bruges, or even take your bike all the way to the beach.

If you book a room at Flanders Hotel, we will send you five mapped-out cycling routes in and around Bruges on request. You can also park your bike in our safe garage, and we can prepare a packed lunch for your day trip.

Bike rental

Guided bike tours

Quasimundo Bike Tours offers various guided tours; through the city centre of Bruges, a more rural tour, or the art tour.

For more information and prices, you can check out their website: