Romantic Bruges

In magical Bruges, the romantic and mysterious atmosphere is everywhere. But for those who still want to find that extra touch of romance in the medieval city, there are several perfect spots.
And what is more romantic than discovering Bruges by carriage?


Although all the Bruges canals and all the spots around them are magical and romantic, the Groenerei is the most romantic. This is one of the most dreamy streets in Bruges. It is usually quiet, there are beautiful little bridges, water, greenery, and beautiful houses. It is the ideal place for a romantic stroll for two, to sit on a bench and take a lovely picture.

Queen Astrid Park

This botanical park is located in the centre of the city. The beautiful pond with fountain and the romantic pavilion are surrounded by large trees. It is the perfect place to take a moment to enjoy the greenery together. Bring a nice picnic or sit together for a while in the romantic pavilion.

Lake of Love

It's already in its name. The most romantic spot in Bruges is the Lake of Love. People used to believe that minnows lived in the water, hence the park's name Minnewater. The charming park is surrounded by lush greenery and has a romantic atmosphere. From the Lake of Love Bridge, you can take the most stunning photos to ensure you never forget this magnificent spot.


One of Bruges' unmissable spots, but also one of the most romantic is the 'Princely Beguinage Ten Wijngaarde'. The cosy square is surrounded by white-painted façades. In the heart of the courtyard is the beautiful cloister garden, where Easter flowers bloom in spring. Beguines once lived here, but today it is the nuns of the Order of Saint Benedict who occupy the houses.


Welcome to the most photographed spot in Bruges. Do you want the perfect snapshot to remember your trip to Bruges? Then this beautiful corner along the Brugse Reitjes with the popular weeping willow may certainly not be forgotten. Though it might be busy here, it's still a very romantic spot - especially at night.