Streets and Squares

Burg Square

This square is sometimes called the soul of Bruges. It's an unmissable highlight and surrounded by marvellous and historical architecture.

Tanners Square

If you visit the highlight Rozenhoedkaai, you can't miss this cosy little square. In the Middle Ages, this was the working place of the tanners, and now you can enjoy a break on one of the terraces.

Market Square

The idyllic heart of Bruges, that you basically can't miss when visiting the city. Be sure to take a look around, as the surrounding buildings are well worth it.

Simon Stevin Square

This is a cosy square in the middle of the shopping street, surrounded by linden trees and trendy shops and restaurants. Simon Stevin was a Flemish mathematician and physicist.

Jan van Eyck Square

This square offers a magnificent view of the canals. There is a rich history here and in the middle of the square, you will find Jan van Eyck on display. He was a world-famous master painter.

Fish Market

Originally, people sold fish at the corner of the Market Square, but due to the smell nuisance, the fishmongers were banned here. Sea fish, an expensive delicacy reserved for the wealthy, was sold in the specially constructed colonnade. Today, you can still buy fresh fish here every morning from Wednesday to Saturday.

Minnebo Square

This small but cosy square offers you one of the most beautiful views of the Bruges canals.


This small square is located near the Beguinage and has a charming atmosphere. It is the resting place of the horses and is surrounded by cosy terraces and water.

't Zand Square

This is the largest square in Bruges and has recently been given a whole new look. On one side, you will find the Concert Hall. This square is full of life, as many locals pass here daily on their way to everywhere. There are a number of cosy places where you can sit and take it all in. Many events are also organised on this square.


This square is hidden from view by one of the popular shopping streets. There are benches and the square is surrounded by trees and contemporary architecture. In good weather, it can be very crowded with people enjoying their ice creams from around the corner.

Old Stock Exchange Square

In the Middle Ages, this was the place for money matters, the Wall Street of its time. The Ter Beurse family ran an inn here and foreign exchange transactions were initiated. This led to the word 'Exchange' spreading worldwide.

Capuchins' Square

The recently landscaped Capuchins' Square offers you a modern place of tranquillity by the water, right in the centre of the city next to the concert hall.


The enchanting Pottenmakersstraat snakes partly along the water and treats you to surprising discoveries.

De Garre

This is one of the narrowest alleys in Bruges. Named after a garre, West Flemish for 'crack'. You will also find many cosy cafés and restaurants here.


In Hemelrijk you find an unpaved dirt road, with the necessary pits and dents, without houses, but bordered by a brick wall. This is a very different corner of Bruges.

Stove Street

The narrowest street in Bruges, which used to house a bathhouse for wealthy gentlemen and traders. Now there are small boutiques, studios and even an excellent restaurant.

Blind Donkey Street

This small passageway connects the Burg with the Fish Market. It is a beautiful alleyway, where you should definitely look up and pay attention to the small details.


This is where you will find the Folk History Museum. This is a cosy street where time has stood still and you can feast your eyes on the beautiful houses.

Bourgondisch Cruyce Passage

On the other side of the popular Rozenhoedkaai, you will find this passageway with its beautiful view. This little passage is easily passed, as it is located in a busy street full of delicious chocolate shops.


The Singel can be found just outside the Bruges Ramparts. It runs parallel to the water and a green, tree-lined avenue lined with striking town houses with colourful tiles and ornate balconies. A hidden gem in Bruges.